Halo is a ground breaking new iPhone case that unites elegant design and security. Recently launched on IndieGoGo, Halo features everything you could ask for in an iPhone case. The case itself is an alarm system the can be triggered by either Halo’s app or though the detachment of the uniquely designed key ring. In large city environments, thieves look for the perfect opportunity to snatch your phone. When you are holding your phone in your hand, reading a text or scrolling Instagram, you aren’t fully away of your surroundings. This leaves your phone extremely vulnerable to snatchers. By fastening the key ring around your finger, it functions like the pin of a grenade, when pulled from the Halo case it emits a loud alarm. This alerts everyone in area that your phone was stolen out of your hand. The alarm can also be triggered by the Halo phone app, if you need immediate assistance or have simply lost your phone.

For added assistance Halo acts as an alternative GPS locater for your device, allowing you to pin point the position of your stolen phone. Halo also has the ability to alert via text message, all of your emergency contacts that your phone was stolen or you are in trouble. The app also has the ability to immediately start recording video when stolen. Halo is fully customizable, allowing preprogrammed gesture control so that only you can activate the alarm and deactivate it when needed.

Not enough? Halo also enhances the iPhone’s speaker by adding a 8mm external speaker to the phone case. Halo also provides a battery to boost your iPhone usage.

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THE STEAL: $25 for your case in either white, black , or chrome.

Halo iPhone Case

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