The Grill Grenade transforms your BBQ into a Smoker without ruining your BBQ experience. With the Grill Grenade, any food can be enriched with smoky flavor without having to purchase a smoker, or having to perfect the smoking process.

Grill Grenade Smoker CrowdDistrict Kickstarter BBQ

Founders Randy Merritt and Andrew Degryse are both huge fans of food, and thought that their grilling experiences needed a little more flavor. (pun intended) They found that using BBQ smoker boxes were confusing and some were even a little more dangerous to use. So they put their minds to the test.

After much research they found that one of the hardest things about the smoking process was knowing exactly what type of wood can be used with what type of meat. Not paring the two correctly can result in a disastrous smoking experience and ultimately a disgusting flavor, ruining your food.

With the complication of creating a perfect smoking recipe, Randy and Andrew decided to make the effort a little easier by creating the Grill Grenade. Randy, being a product design expert, and Andrew, having a background in multimedia, the two engineered a product that fit the standards of a smoker box and the functionality needed by grill masters and home cooks. The Grill Grenade “takes the guess work out of the smoking process” by simply breaking down what meat works with what specific flavor and wood variety. The wood is secured in convenient easy to use cartridges that pop in and out of your grenade. Inside each cartridge is a blend of natural wood and spices ranging in over 17 different series guaranteed to give you that authentic Smokey flavor.  Each cartridge shows the type of wood used, the level of flavor, and what meat best suits it.

Flavors include:

-       AlderGrill Grenade CrowdDistrict Kickstarter BBQ

-       Apple

-       Cherry

-       Hickory

-       Maple

-       Mesquite

-       Whiskey

-       Charcoal

-       Chinese Tea

-       Maple Syrup

-       Beer Blend

-       Jalapeno

-       Rosemary

-       Lemon Peel & Cracked Black Pepper

-       Basil & Red Wine

-       Garlic & Herb

-       Sweet Onion and Malt Vinegar

The Grill Grenade enhances your home BBQ by incorporating these bold flavors, through the cast iron design. The grenade type design allows for smoke to exit through the top of the compartment.  The smoke then swallows your meet and vegetables will intense flavor, allowing you to reach your full grilling potential. The Grill Grenade is a relatively easy tool that transforms the way you grill and gives your food the flavor you’ve always imagined.

THE STEAL: $29 for your Grill Grenade

This article was written by of CrowdDistrict.