Bicycle owners all know that your bike is like a new born baby. You care for it, try to always keep it insight, and are afraid to leave it by itself. That’s why bike owners always carry a bike lock. Bike locks prevent theft and heartache. They also establish the comfortability of leaving your bike alone.

Unless you’re carrying around a metal chain, most bike locks are bulky and ridged. Most also lack the ability to adjust to different locking structures. To solve this issue, the Foldylock was designed to be small and accessible to almost any structure. The Foldylock is made of six steel links that are covered with reinforced plastic. The links can withstand bolt cutters and rust, and also fit within the easily mountable case. Check it out for yourself as the Foldylock makes its way as the next generation in bike lock technology.

THE STEAL - $65 dollars gets you a Foldylock [Retailing for $95]