The FixMeStick is the world’s first device that can plug into your personal computer via USB port, detect malware, move the malware into the flash drive-type device, and unplug problems from your computer forever.

fixmestick malware removal kickstarter 1How many times have you, while using your Apple computer, started noticing your computer is running a bit slow then started this process:

• Search the Internet for mac supported software to detect malware.
• Read user reviews on the most popular software.
• Google search for where to download software.
• Become skeptical that the source of this software download is unsafe.
• Pray that you’re not actually downloading more malware to remove current malware.
• Hope that malware is now gone from your computer.

Mac users are not impervious to viruses or malware. Macs are finally starting to gain enough market shares for hackers and criminals to take notice, and have become a major target for viruses.

In comes FixMeStick to (easily) save the day:

• Ready to use right out of the box
• Insert into USB port
• Reboot computer
• Rapid reaction to new and emerging threats with intelligent scanning, using 3 different scanning engines
• When done scanning for viruses, click exit, reboots into regular Mac OS
• Remove FixMeStick

No software downloads, no conflicts or performance problems, automatic updates stored directly into the FixMeStick device.

THE STEAL: One FixMeStick is $40 CAD.

The goal of their Kickstarter campaign is to launch a Mac version, and have 503 fixmestick malware removal kickstarter 2backers, currently raising $24,101 CAD of their $50,000 CAD goal.

Sounds a little too good to be true? Well if you can’t believe that this device could possibly work, they’re already up and running on PC computers. These two experienced computer science geeks know their stuff, check them out at

Viruses that get past anti-virus can be impossible to find or remove after it has taken hold on your computer with current software available for Macs. Back the FixMeStick for Mac project and prevent thieves from getting a hold of your personal information.

THE STEAL: $40 CAD for the most awesome virus removal device ever.

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