FineGrain’s Coburns are hand crafted, easy to use iPad stands that make a statement. Launching on Kickstarter, Coburns create a new alternative to the current floppy and bulky iPad stands. As you can see Coburns have a sleek compact design that is also adjustable to the angle in which you prefer to use your iPad.

The Coburns sets are handcrafted, made from exotic hardwoods in both light and dark shades. The lighter wood is a rare Birdseye Maple, while the darker wood is Pau Ferro, which comes form South America. Each piece is cut, branded, and finished by hand.  Coburns also come in a variety of sizes to fit the iPad 3 or 4, iPad Air, and iPad Mini (with or without the Retina display)

By now you are probably asking, what if I loose one? Or how dependable are they? To answer you concerns, the pair are connected magnetically. The magnets provide a perfect amount of attraction that keeps them together while bouncing around, but not to strong so that you can pull them apart. Coburns are also built to complement the iPad itself. The pair allows you to view your iPad from almost any viewing angle and direction, including portrait or landscape. This versatility is not fount in most iPad stands on the market. The magnets are also completely safe to use with your iPad. As well as the wood, which is softer than the glass itself.

Start a new trend with the Coburns.

THE STEAL: $19 for a pair

Coburn-Landscape-iPad-Kickstarter Coburns-iPad- Kickstarter
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