The EAVEShield has launched on IndieGoGo in the nick of time. The EAVEShield is a device that covers the camera and microphone on the Xbox One’s new Kinect 2.0 device that happens to be launching tomorrow.

Reports of the enormously advance Kinect 2.0 have been littering our lives ever since the X-Box One’s release date was announced. Kinect 2.0 is so advanced that it is able to pick up and understand entire body movements, down to fingers and facial expressions. It all so has the ability to record the gamer’s heart rate. With this new technology it’s quite obvious that the world of gaming is moving fast, but there is a problem.

With the Xbox One’s Kinect 2.0 set up in your family’s living room, game room, or even bedrooms, it has the also has ability to register the entire movement in your living area. Having a camera and microphone positioned in these areas creates a major privacy concern for myself, especially if the device is accessed without your knowledge.  Now that Xbox One’s interface is directly accessed through Microsoft’s servers and Wi-Fi connections, who to say your device is un-hackable? Or perhaps you turn off your TV, but forget to turn off your consol.  Regardless of the circumstance the risk of privacy invasion is still there.

To eliminate this risk Andrew Hazelton and Josh Preston have created the EAVEShield. You may ask, why don’t I put a book or a cloth over the Kinect to block the camera? The answer is simple, the camera picks up infrared signals and has a build in microphone that is create to register sounds from the farthest point of your living room. To battle the ineffective home solution, the EAVEShield is made out of a special polymer that specifically blocks Kinect’s infrared camera and microphone.

Protect your privacy and enjoy a new world of gaming.

THE STEAL – $20 for the EAVEShield X-Box Privacy Shield

eaveshield-animation-v03 EAVEShield - x-box one privacy shield
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