I stumbled onto Dreamwool looking for something cool for my girlfriend. Normally, a wool blanket isn’t something I get too hyped on but I genuinely liked this project. It just so happens that winter is coming up and I am tired of using an old bed spread for the living room couch. It can get too hot when you need something little to cuddle with.

Back to the idea of something for my girlfriend, I like the idea of this blanket as a gift for your (female) significant other. As mentioned, winter is coming up and what better way to be permanently on her good side or just show her you love her with a custom wool throw? Picture this – she’s cuddled up on the couch wrapped in your blanket, and as it dawns on her that you’re the reason she feeling all warm and cuddly – you glance over with a very sly smile….You’re welcome.

THE STEAL – £42 Blue Checkered Blanket.