DIY Cocktail Bitters Kit on Kickstarter looks awesome for us craft cocktail connoisseurs. Janel Johnson, from Carson City, Nevada, is working to provide those who enjoy making their own serious craft cocktails a new weapon to their arsenal.

As I have started to grow older and moved out of the college phase of cheap beer and plastic vodka handles, I have grown to appreciate a great drink. Little do most people know, but a great, craft made drink is more than just high quality liquor. It’s often the surrounding ingredients that help bring a new flavor and aroma to your pallet. A quality bitter brings you one step closer to a perfect post work drink.

Not only do I love the product, but I love the experience and credibility Janel brings to her Kickstarter campaign. Under her website information, she has link to her etsy profile where she boasts a 5 star rating and tons of admirers. Clearly she delivers a high quality product and I think she will do just fine delivering to over 100 backers.

If you love craft cocktails or know someone who does, this would be an awesome gift.

THE STEAL – $45 for 9 tins of beautiful herbs and 2 dropper bottles.

DIY Cocktail Bitters Kit By High Desert Botanicals