Deep Web | The Untold Story Of Bitcoin And The Silk Road by Alex Winter is a new documentary on Kickstarter that is gaining popularity fast. Alex Winter, star of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and most recently, director of the documentary Downloaded is looking to uncover the recent Bitcoin phenomena. He will explore the history behind the crypto currency and uncover the mysterious Silk Road website used for anonymous drug trafficking.

I have been waiting for something like this. Like I am sure many of you, I have been following for Bitcoin for quite some time. Stupidly, I had the opportunity to purchase Bitcoin at $26. It now trades at a volatile $810. Still, the story behind is Bitcoin is a bit of a mystery. It is said to have been invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, whom no one knows, back in 2008. Since then, the prices of Bitcoin has peaked and fallen numerous times making it a very risky [exciting] investment. In recent months, it has risen to $910 USD.

The Silk Road was a popular anonymous platform that dealt specifically in trafficking drugs and weapons. It’s main operator, Ross Ulbricht, remained anonymous for quite some time until his very recent public arrest. Silk Road was operated with the anonymous currency, Bitcoin. Fascinated by this dark underworld, I expect Alex Winter to delve deep behind the scenes and bring some of the history and everyday transactions to a mainstream audience.

While gaining massive amounts of popularity, The Silk Road and Bitcoin have remained far from the mainstream market. Only discussed in threads on forums or a specific subreddit. Outside of a tech savvy community, the idea behind Bitcoin is very overwhelming. Trying to explain what is happening to my parents or friends outside of tech is almost impossible. The conversation always ends in the market being ‘shady.’ Which it is, and very unstable [exciting] right now.

However Bitcoin is here to stay. It has a very loyal following who did not get into to Bitcoin to cash out on bubble. It’s the answer to society that has long been regulated by government monetary control. The last pieces of the puzzle will be customer education (like my parents), more companies accepting payment such as Virgin, and making it easier to trade Bitcoins.

The future is bright and I look forward to Alex Winter’s feature on the captivating story behind Bitcoin and The Silk Road.

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Deep Web: The Untold Story of BitCoin and The Silk Road