The Declan Squared on Kickstarter is a microfiber pocket square or handkerchief that is not like anyone I have ever seen before. What sets the Squared apart from any other normal pocket squares is that is engineered to clean smartphones, tablets and sunglass lenses. A genius idea that has truly modernized a timeless piece of fashion.

The Declan Squared on Kickstarter and CrowdDistrict

There is a progression of style and fashion that happens to every man when he begins to wear suits on a regular basis. After the slim fitted suit comes perfecting your tie. Once you’re able to master everything from a skinny tie to a double windsor, the next piece of fashion accessory is the pocket square.

I owned many different pocket square’s back when I wore suits regularly and still have a select few that I wear with my “closer” outfit. I absolutely love pocket squares and any man who is into looking suave like James Bond will agree with me.

The Declan Squared has 12 patterns to choose from which all will match a range of different tie, shirt and suit combinations.

While fashion is at the fore front of the Declan Squared, it’s the microfiber clean ability is just as attractive. The microfiber material allows the pocket square to pick up and remove any dirt or oils from a persons hand with without staining the pocket square. Comparing that to your shirt which is all cotton, your shirt will just smudge the dirt.

The Declan Squared on Kickstarter and CrowdDistrict

We are all aware how dirty and gross our smartphones, computer, tablets and sunglasses get through our busy day. Nothing is worse, especially on your sunglasses, than smearing dirt around and making the lens even more unclear than before.

Best of all, the Declan Squared is very reasonably priced. At $18, you can get your very own choice from 12 different patterns.

 THE STEAL – $18 for one Declan Squared.