The Swatchmate is a portable, bluetooth enabled, device that will read the color of any surface, and transport the color value to your smartphone. You simply hold the Swatchmate over the surface, click the button, and within seconds you RGB, CMYK and LAB colors are sent to your phone.

How Is This Useful?

There is nothing on earth that doesn’t incorporate color. The applications for using specific color spectrums are endless. Here’s a few scenarios where the Swatchmate and color is beyond important:

  1.  Branding – You must always have the specific colors being used in your logos.
  2. Painting a new room at your new house.
  3. Figuring out what paint to match an already new.
  4. Matching fabric color swatches.

Why This Technology Is Impressive

For those people who are unfamiliar with the depth of color, it’s never ending and hardly congruent across databases. There is not one color red that is the same across any data base. Color spectrums vary across different methods of use. The RGB/Hex color value of is most often used for digital or web based situations. The CMYK/Pantone databases are used for print. Being able to read the color from a normal surface and transfer it into RGB/CMYK is very impressive.

The Swtachmate on Kickstarter and Indiegogo via CrowdDistrict

Breaking Down Both Crowdfunding Campaigns

The team benefited from having an amazing product that has never been done before. Those kinds of projects will always have a slight upper hand on projects that are unoriginal or follow trends. However, we can learn from a few points of each campaign that can improve your own campaign.

The Video

The video was short and to the point. As a serial backer, I can become quite tiresome of sitting through a video that the spends the first 2 minutes not telling me the key facts about the product. When I hit the project page I want to know exactly what your product does and how much I need to support to back it. Once I have had that key information, I’ll look into the aesthetics of the campaign.

High Resolution Photos

The Swatchmate team provided ton of high quality pictures. As I scroll both projects, I can’t help but see every picture first. After instantly viewing each picture, I then read the descriptions giving further detail into the picture. This is important to take this into account for two reasons. First, you want high quality pictures that will communicate what you product is, but also what it does. Second, any blogger who intends to write about your product will need you provide the best images for their post. Help them make their post look good by providing quality images.

The Swtachmate on Kickstarter and Indiegogo via CrowdDistrict

Credible Team

The Swatchmate is also backed by a very credible team. They’re not only a large team, which allows them to distribute job duties more efficiently, but they have proudly displayed awards they have won. This instantly legitimizes their product in the mind of the potential backer. The extent of the awards is very menial, but the fact they have won them is important to reducing doubts in backers minds.

They also capitalized on the hype and set up an Indiegogo campaign to continue taking in more orders after their Kickstarter ended. This tactic is also very interesting since it increases the chances that small things can go wrong causing many unhappy backers. However, with a well organized team, the Swatchmate members will be able to handle all the requests they receive as long as they continue to maintain strong communication with their backers/supporters.

THE STEAL - $85 for one Swatchmate on Indiegogo