The Whiskey Diagram Poster on Kickstarter is currently smashing its funding goal of $750. With 19 days to go, project creator Jason Haynes has raised $12,350 for one of the more simple, and straightforward projects on Kickstarter we’ve covered.

Haynes, a graphic designer from Dallas, Texas, is no newbie to crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Just one year ago, he completed a campaign for a similar type poster. His Beer Diagram Poster was the first edition of hsa alcohol history-flowcharts that raised just under $15,800 of a $500 goal.

Much like the Beer Diagram poster, the Whiskey Diagram poster is a beautifully designed piece of wall art that depicts the different origins of Whiskey brands, their different ingredients, and and how they work together to bring you your favorite drink

As you can see in the picture, Haynes separates the brands and distilleries by ingredients first. The list of ingredients, which accompany a short description, include rare origins to the more well known parts such as Rye, Wheat, and Blended.

Whiskey Diagram on Kickstarter via CrowdDistrict

Haynes also depicts the many different bases for scotch which lead into a completely different kind of whiskey. Each ingredient flows into the specific region or type of whiskey that popular brands are made from. All of which continue to flow and end up at the central hub of Whiskey.

As mentioned previously, this is not Haynes’s first Kickstarter project. He completed an almost identical campaign for a Beer Diagram poster in January of 2013, which saw tremendous success. Many of the fans and backers from that project had requested a similar diagram, depicting whiskey. I am sure we can all expect him to continue with another campaign exploring the other types of liquors [maybe wine?]

Kickstarter Done Right

It’s no easy feat to complete back to back Kickstarter campaigns and raise much more money on each than the initial goal. Let’s break his campaign to see what he did right and what he changed from his previous success.

Minimalist Profile = Simple

Keeping with the theme of his poster, Haynes kept a very simplistic Kickstarter profile that did not include very many bells and whistles. He offers no video and only 2 pledge rewards. This strategy has been done before and works well if your raising funds for a product based campaign. Many different project creators get caught up creating as many different pledge tiers as possible. This risk in offerent 15+ pledge tiers is you create more difficulties on the backend when it comes down to shipping and organization. Shipping is a very dangerous part of the campaign which I’ve wrote about here, and can eat away at profits. You also have to value your time. Many first time entrepreneurs will take on a mindset that they will work for free [while working on their project] which is not a good idea and will end up costing you money.

If you were to look at his previous campaign, the Beer Diagram, Haynes offered different sizes of the poster, which means more pledge tiers, and a stretch goal for a beer koozie. Despite a few backers requesting he create a larger size for the whiskey diagram, Haynes has decided against it [for now]. One can only assume that after his first campaign, the different pledge tiers affected his time and shipping costs which ultimate ate at his profits. If that was the case, it was a smart move on his part to eliminate those options in the Whiskey Diagram.

Great Customer Service

Prior to reading the backer comments on the Whiskey Diagram, I read through the backer comments on his previous campaign. Generally speaking, backers hold no punches and if there was any doubt whether Haynes could deli

Whiskey Diagram on Kickstarter via CrowdDistrict

ver a quality product, it would be here. Each comment on the Beer Diagram was very positive. Haynes was quick to reply to their questions and one of his backers had an issue where the poster got lost in transit. Haynes sent him another, producing a happy customer.

This bring a large amount of credibility to Haynes and the Whiskey Diagram campaign. If there was any point in which i was on the fence about backing, these are the little things I look for in a project creator.

Overall, Haynes produced an amazing product and it’s no mystery why he’s been super funded on both his campaigns now. He’s provided a high quality product, great customer service, and proven credibility he can deliver on his kickstarter campaign. We look forward to seeing what Haynes can raise in the next 29 days.

THE STEAL – $34 for one Whiskey Diagram and one Beer Diagram