Currently on it’s way to reaching the campaign goal on Kickstarter, the Human Chromosome Jewelry collection by Louise Hughes is quite fascinating. Hughes, an Electron  Microscopist from the UK, has taken a very creative twist on her profession. A Microscopist is someone who works with microscopes in analyzing objects that can not bee seen to the unaided eye. In this case, Hughes often studies chromosomes and the human DNA.

Clearly passionate about her work, she’s been inspired to create jewelry depicting the very things she looks at every day. And they’re quite pretty.

Hughes is raising funds on Kickstarter to bring you different necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendants, and cufflinks of the different chromosomal representations. You may purchase any piece of standard jewelry in XX, XY, or every the Trisomy XXY.

The Trisomy is a very cool  piece for the collection. With roughly 1.4 in every 1000 babies are born with Down Syndrome each year in the US, the XXY themed jewelry is specifically for those families who have a member with Down Syndrome. Hughes has created some beautiful works of art that will allow you to proudly show off your admiration for those with Down Syndrome.

Hughes is also no stranger to Kickstarter. Just last August, she created a calendar for 2014 that was also based around her Electron Microscopy work. The calendar was successfully funded and impressively delivered by Thanksgiving. Most projects are about 6 months late in delivering their products.

Chromosome Jewelry on Kickstarter via CrowdDistrict

Breaking Down The Campaign

Hughes put together a short, simple, and effective Kickstarter page. Since her campaign is based around a tangible product, she provided a potential backer with tons of large images to browse through. Anyone who is considering her product will want to see exactly what they’re backing. Especially in Jewelry, backers need to see the product in clear color to be able to match their wardrobe.

If you have read my previous posts, you’ll know I think short videos are the most effective. A video that is 4 minutes plus runs the risk od not getting watched. If you only put key information in the video, your potential backer might not receive the information you want them too. Hughes kept her video to just under 90 seconds, while touching on all the key points of her campaign with tons of pictures.

Something that wasn’t promoted by her in campaign that I had to find with some research, was she’s apart of By signing up with this website, She’s promised to donate 5% of her profits back into other campaigns. Having a project creator that shows compassion for other projects will hopefully show great passion for her backers. As the crowdfunding industry continues to grow, we love to see project creators become apart of the backing community.

Hughes has 23 days remaining on her campaign and has raised €755 of €1,100.

THE STEAL – €300 Euro for Silver Bracelet.