Starting Thursday, January 30th and running through Friday, January 31st, CrowdDistrict is happy announce that we’ll be attending the Crowdfund Global Expo in San Diego.

Since Title II of the JOBS Act was put into effect on September 23rd, the SEC reported some 300 businesses have already raised $2.2 billion dollars via public funding from accredited investors. October 23rd 2013, the proposed rules for Title III have been released and the 90 comment period will end on February 3rd. Crowdfunding is no longer only a way way to raise money on reward based systems, but it’s set to be an incredible game changer for capital formation, wealth building and investing.

The Crowdfund Global Expo is being hosted by CFIRA, which is a lobbying organization dedicated to working with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on legislation regarding the JOBS Act. With help from Coastal Shows, they’ll be putting on the 2 day convention to help educate attendees in peer to peer lending, equity crowdfunding, and real estate investment within crowdfunding channels. Experts from the aforementioned sectors will delve into deep insight with emerging channels and how securities law will function post-JOBS Act.

CFIRA via CrowdDistrict at Crowdfund Global Expo

During the two convention, attendees will be encouraged to sign up for specific educational tracks that will cater to entrepreneurs seeking funding in respective industries. This should provide attendees with a structured like course in learning about an industry their embarking on.

Some of the industry experts that will be giving keynote presentations or holding Q&A sessions will be:

DJ Paul – Chief Strategy Officer with Gate Impact.

Anu Bhardwaj – Founder of Women INVESTING in Women Institute.

Doug Ellenhoff – Founding member of Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP in New York City, and is a corporate and securities attorney with a specialty in business transactions and corporate financings.

Todd Lippiatt – CEO of Propellr, an investment firm specializing in alternative assets.

Ron Suber –  Head of Global Institutional Sales at Prosper.

Chris Tyrell – He is chairman of CrowdFund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA), the leading advocacy organization for securities crowdfunding industry.

Ethan Senturia – Founder of DealStruck.

Korstiaan Zandvliet – Frequent writer of expert blog articles on social media, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.

Andrew Dix – Co-Founder Crowded Media Group LLC.

Bill Zanker – Founder of FundAnything.

Joel Block – Founder of Bullseye Capital Real Property Opportunity Fund, LLC

James Alexander – Director at Circle Up.

Steve Cinelli – Founder of PRIMARQ.

Audrey Jacobs – Founder of OurCrowd.

David Drake – Founder and Chairman of LDJ Capital.

Charles Luzar – Director at Crowdfund Insider.

Johnathan Sandland – Chief Crowdfunding Evangelist at CrowdCafe.

Josef Holm – CEO of TubeStart.

Richard Swart – Director of Research for Innovation in Entrepreneurial and Social Finance at the Coleman Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership at UC Berkeley. Partner at CrowdFund Capital Advisors.

Jim Borzilleri – Founder of CrowdEngine.

Sam Guzik – Guzik is a recognized authority on matters relating to the JOBS Act, including Regulation D private placements, investment crowdfunding and Regulation A+

Joy Shoffler – Principal at Leverage PR, Founder of CrowdBuilder.

Daryl Bryant – CEO of StartupValley.

Georgia Quinn – Senior Associate in Seyfarth Shaw LLP.

Mary Juetten – Founder of

Kim Wales – Founder of Wales Capital, a strategic business development company.

Jervis Hough – President of FundAmerica.

David Manshoory – CEO of Asset Avenue.

Matt Delloroso – CEO of WealthForge Holdings, Inc.

Howard Leonhardt – Co-leader of Startup California and Founder and Chairman of The California Stock Xchange.

Alon Goren – CEO and Co-founder of InvestedIn.

Brendan Ross – Founder of Direct Lending Investments.

Judd Hollas – Founder of EquityNet.

Susan Cooney – Founder of Givelocity.

Julliene Helman – CEO and Co-Founder of Realty Mogul.

The Crowdfund Global Expo will no doubt be the first great thing to kick off an very exciting 2014. After we attend the conference we’ll be lining up a few articles covering the events and bring some of the information we’ve learned to you.

At CrowdDistrict, We’ve focused a great deal on projects from the reward based platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and assistance platforms like GoFundMe. However, in the coming months, as Title III of the JOBS Act gets closer to moving in full effect, we’ll be covering much more of the equity industry. Many experts are projecting the industry to reach market caps of anywhere between $4 – $300 billion dollars in the coming years. It should be an exciting time for the crowdfunding industry and we intend to be your premier news source covering everything under the crowdfunding umbrella.