Just 2 days ago in Central Illinois, a Tornado ripped through the city of Washington, Illinois absolutely destroying everything in its path. It turned houses to rubble, crushed cars like tin cans, and worst of all it ruined the holidays for many precious families.

The family in need is the Crow family from Washington, Illinois. They and their parents lost their entire homes and possessions just a week before Thanksgiving. The Crow family consists of Jon, Betsy and their young daughter Lyla.

Scanning through the pictures of the disaster and what lay behind after 190 MPH winds leveled an entire city is very hard to grasp. As you can see from the pictures, not only is Jon and Betsy’s house demolished, but their totaled car is in the middle of their kitchen.

I couldn’t possibly begin to understand what they are going through. The Crow family has to work with a community to rebuild its foundation. While the community rebuilds, they have to work to rebuild their own family foundation.

As the rest of the United States celebrates Thanksgiving and Christmas, they will be experiencing a different holiday cheer. This holiday season won’t be about anything besides the miracle that they survived, and the work that must now be done to rebuild their lives. However, all is not lost. It was reported by the project creator that their dog Lucy was found alive in rubble 2 days later.

Currently, they are $3,000 shy of raising their goal of $17,000. With continued help from people around the world. They will surely hit their goal. If you’re interested in supporting the Crow family, click this link here.