San Francisco start up, Coin, has announced it will be launching crowdfunding campaign for an a electronic credit card that will replace your wallet. Coin combines all your credit, debit, and gift cards into one to help you minimize the the space in your wallet. Now only is the an incredibly sexy new innovation, but its something that both Google and Apple have attempted to try, with no real success.

All the hype and buzz over the product has gone viral with almost every major tech outlet covering Coin. It has also attracted investors like Osama Bedier, the former head of Google Wallet. As his spokesman stated on The Verge “ [Bedier] sees scale at Coin … where he didn’t see scale in current solutions.”

Coin is a 7 person team headed up by CEO Kanishk Parashar and his team or consumer electronics experts, designers, software engineers and even a former NASA engineer [which they often mention this at parties]. His goal to improve the size of your wallet and the experience in paying for goods. Over the next 6-8 months, the production will be closely watched by all of  us apart of the tech community.

Here at CrowdDistrict we happily got sucked into the hype. We pre-ordered one because we had to be apart of something revolutionary. We’re always at the forefront of innovation and look to help support projects with great visions and dreams to improve society. [Even though they funded their $50K goal in 40 minutes].

THE STEAL – $55 for your very own Coin. This is going to be like the first iPad, where everyone wants to look at it. When it does get delivered, it will be the talk of the town and an amazing conversation starter. Oh, and it will retail for over $100. Get one now for %50 off.


Coin | Electronic Credit Card Replaces Your Wallet