Gigs 2 go is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to see the production of their inexpensive ‘tear and share’ thumb drives. Made from recycled paper, the Gigs 2 Go comes in sets of 4 tearable USB thumb drives in 2gb, 4gb, and 8gb.

The project is put on by Kurt Rampton of  BOLTgroup.  As an industrial designer, Rampton has designed and developed many other projects for clients across the US. The firm has been developing products and branding for client projects for over 25 years and they’re now seeking to create something on their own.

Gigs 2 Go on Kickstarter via CrowdDistrict

With 10 days to go on their campaign, they have already raised $12,178 of their $14,000 goal. With their current pace, I have no doubt they will surpass their goal.

Why You’ll Love This Project

While the world of cloud technology has taken over the space for sharing data, thumb drives are still very important. Cloud technology has not made it easy to share very large file and these specific file types can’t be sent by email either [even smaller].

Certain files such an very high resolution photos and videos/movies take up a ton of data and can be confusing to send online. For an agency, being able to send this data to clients in the form of disposable thumb drive would be very beneficial to both parties.

Moving beyond the immediate use cases of the product, there is a lot more potential.  The idea behind the tear and share campaign makes it very intriguing for businesses who are looking for new and innovative ways to advertise and share information.

Behind their ‘Business Time’ pledge package leaves an interesting business model. The value in this pledge goal is the ability to preload your data with a printed company logo on the thumb drive and use them for distribution.

Gigs 2 Go on Kickstarter via CrowdDistrict

While a lot of business is today via the internet, Imagine a situation in which you have physical customers or consumers at your disposal. Any retail store at the mall could use this service as a promotion to entice their customers to use the use the product.

While it also has a great deal of advertising potential to businesses, there is also an exclusivity factor that could be used to promote your business. With the option to preload data, it could be used as a raffle or release of ‘secret’ information about the company or product.

I would love to see Gigs 2 Go evolve that into another revenue stream in which you could send them preloaded data and they’ll send you back your Gigs 2 Go pack with your company logo on each drive. There is a lot of value in that and currently, nothing like that exists.

THE STEAL - $200 for Business Time Package. ($40 pledge options available)