If you’re a true fan of hip hop, then you know The Grouch and Eligh. These two hip hop soldiers have released a combined total of thirty-five solo albums. Together they have released six duo albums under “The Grouch & Eligh”. Now they are taking their next world series production to Kickstarter, entitled The Tortoise and the Crow.

Going way back, as founding members of the powerhouse underground group Living Legends, the Grouch and Eligh have been in the hip hop circuit for almost twenty years. These twenty years haven’t been like a wack ass 2Chain twenty years. This has been a “release an album, may be two, every year for the past twenty years”, kind of twenty years. See if you are a true hip hop head, then you understand the passion it takes to be dedicated to your craft and consistently deliver quality music for that long. That earns you respect.  In that regard when it comes to the names in hip hop, if you see either the Grouch or Eligh on a track, you know it’s going to be gold.

The Grouch and Eligh CrowdDistrict The Tortoise and the Crow

With two decades of studio experience, and deeply rooted talent the Grouch and Eligh are looking to Kickstarter in order to launch their next project, The Tortoise and The Crow. This is a completely unique studio production, in that The Tortoise and The Crow is a triple album, featuring its own Eligh album, an album from the Grouch, and a Grouch & Eligh duo album.  The features on this album include Blu, Kreayshawn, SlightlyStupid, and on of my personal favorite mc’s Pigeon John. (if you haven’t heard “Is Dating Your Sister”, you don’t know hip hop) Guest production also includes Pretty Lights, Ant of Atmosphere, Exile, DJ Fresh, and the supreme guru himself Amp Live.

With such big names on production and heavy hitting appearances, you may be asking yourself, why are these guys going to Kickstarter? Simply put, its because they believe in their fans more than the record companies.

“Instead, we’re signing with YOU, our loyal friends, family and fans. We’re taking our independent journey to the next level with this Kickstarter campaign. The funds we raise will help us execute a proper album release and cycle, which includes marketing, manufacturing merchandise (which is ONLY available here), touring, transportation, and etc. – we want this to be our biggest album to date. 

The Grouch and Eligh CrowdDistrict Kickstarter IncentivesBut it’s not just about the money. This Kickstarter campaign is about formally recognizing and involving you, our most loyal supporters, into our careers and our lives. As you can see in the reward tiers to the right, we’re not just selling music. We’re offering pieces of ourselves. Besides the music, we’re most excited about really opening up our journey to our best fans.”

You just don’t see that kind of value in the music industry anymore.  These are two big name mc’s looking to give the power of their most ambitious studio album to date, directly to their fans. As a music lover, and underground hip hop fanatic, this is what truly makes me respect the independent culture.

Following their personality, The Grouch and Eligh have also lined up some of the coolest incentives I have ever seen on Kickstarter.

Incentives include:

- following you on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, to stay friends

- Limited Edition Box Set, signed by the Grouch and Eligh, and your named mentioned on the albumn

- Two passes to a album listening party going down at a secret location in the SF/Oakland area in Feb, 2014.

- A sit down with G&E via Skype

- Framed Handwritten Lyrics

- Signed “Artsy” Vinyl Test press of “You ain’t artsier than me!”

- Come on stage with G&E

- Dinner with G&E

- Studio Session Bangout

- A Maui Waterfall Adventure with the Grouch

- Record a song with G&E

- Have a personal song dedicated from G&E

- A private show at your home from G&E

Seriously… these are some awesome incentives.

If you are a fan of hip hop, love independent music, are from the Bay Area, or are just stoked to see art in its true form, check out the Grouch and Eligh’s Kickstarter project, and become one with the music.

THE STEAL: For $15 you get The Tortoise and The Crow three days before release

This article was written by of CrowdDistrict.