• The Beer Tusk | Shotgun Your Beer

    The Beer Tusk | Shotgun Your Beer

    November 9, 2013, By Nick Warner IN Design, Fashion, Popular, Technology

    Created by the geniuses at Ragging Mammoth, The Beer Tusk gives you the ability to shotgun beers with ease. We’ve all been at a party, or pre-game looking to kick start the marathon of drinking, when someone suggest, “hey, lets shotgun a beer?” One of the worst things about shot gunning a beer [...]

  • ThinFolio | Instagram Your Wallet

    ThinFolio | Instagram Your Wallet

    October 16, 2013, By Nick Warner IN Fashion, Popular, The Steal

    The ThinFolio is a custom made bi-fold wallet that uses your own pictures to create a timeless necessity that we all use everyday. ThinFolio was created by Mark Abramson, a maker of custom wallets. Mark’s vision is to deliver a long lasting product that will fulfill all your nostalgic needs. E [...]

  • PUSH | Measure Your Strength

    PUSH | Measure Your Strength

    October 14, 2013, By Nick Warner IN Popular, Technology

    PUSH is what weightlifters, cross-fitters, and fitness junkies everywhere have been waiting for. PUSH gives you the versatility of a Nike Fuel Band, met with the diagnostics of ESPN’s Sports Science. PUSH measures Force, Power and Velocity, giving you a complete anaylsis of every rep, every se [...]

  • Ring Clock: Design of the Future

    Ring Clock: Design of the Future

    September 28, 2013, By Nick Warner IN Design, Popular, Technology

    With a simple and clean design this unique accessory unites the watch and the ring, to give you a stylish and innovative new look. The Ring Clock looks like something out of Minority Report. Backed by an internet leak, the demand for this accessory skyrocketed.  The Ring Clock uses a stainless stee [...]