With the popularity of crowdfunding as a means of getting awesome new products out into the market, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about an interesting innovation on Kickstarter and other such sites. There’s also a chance that the project will have ended by the time you find it, however, leaving you with no clue on where you can buy it as Kickstarter offer very little in the way of site functions for tracking successfully funded products.

Thankfully, there are several sites out there that extend the shelf life of crowdfunded items by giving users a chance to find and purchase what they’ve been looking for, long after the crowdfunding campaign has ended. Here are five of the top places you can visit in order to buy Kickstarter products:



outgrow me


Outgrow.me is a massive marketplace for crowdfunding projects that passed their goals, meaning every item on the store is a product that’s ready for purchase. Rather than selling each item outright, the site acts as a bridge to other sites where users can purchase the products. It’s a lot more convenient than scouring Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other crowdfunding sites for projects that might not even be completely funded yet.


Stiqblox Kickstarter Store

Stiqblox - crowd-funded gadgets, games and geekery

Stiqblox Kickstarter Store  is another bridge that connects users to completed crowdfunding projects, except that it’s a lot more focused than other similar sites. The store caters to geek-oriented niches, such as comics, video games, gadgets, and even geeky fashion. Buyers with specific interests in mind will find that the streamlined approach to Kickstarter products is a lot easier to use than comparable sites, and the store’s community of users offer helpful reviews on popular products.




Shopify, the well-known e-commerce platform, has opened its doors to crowdfunded products, giving each item listed exposure to its enormous community of users. Kickstarter products that go up on the platform have customizable storefronts, which can greatly enhance the user experience when executed well. The tried-and-tested platform is smooth and user-friendly, making shopping a breeze.




TinyLightbulbs was founded with a passion for innovation and the crowdfunding system. A portion of the sales for each order is used to fund crowdfunding projects currently in the middle of their campaigns, ensuring that the cycle of invention and production keeps going. Avid backers of Kickstarter projects can keep the good karma flowing simply by purchasing other crowdfunding successes.




Swish is a platform that specializes in pre-orders, making it perfect for shoppers who want the privilege of being one of the first to enjoy a particular product. The online marketplace searches through crowdfunding sites for cream-of-the-crop items that offer pre-order incentives and lists them down in one convenient venue. If you’re the patient sort and don’t mind waiting a few months for something really cool, this is a site worth checking out.
Sites like the five above ensure that a project’s success goes far beyond the crowdfunding campaign. If you like what you see on Kickstarter and other sites, you can do your part in keeping the innovation alive by shopping at these crowdfunding marketplaces.


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Marco Sumayao is a fan of crowdfunding, and can usually be spotted looking up where to buy Kickstarter products. His usual haunt is the ForeverGeek Kickstarter Store, where people can find the very best geeky Kickstarter projects all in one convenient, easy-to-navigate site. He’s also an engaged member of the store’s community, contributing reviews on Kickstarter comics, board games, video games, and gadgets. He’s currently working on checking off a few items from his ever-growing wishlist.