Boston Boot Co. on Kickstarter has taken their fashionable boots to the trendy ‘craft’ market. Labeling itself as Boston’s first Micro- Shoery, they use the best ingredients in smaller batches for guys who appreciate a well made boot.

The angle Boston Boot Co. went at was genius. By labeling themselves as a ‘craft’ boot, they are sending a message to their potential backers that they are quality made with specially for you. They are not your average mass produced boot. They are also piggy backing on the success of micro brews in Boston like Samuel Adams. Infact their Kickstarter video looks like a Samuel Adams commercial. The famous beer preached micro brew values even when it became a householf name. Boston Boot Co. is aiming to do the same.

The shoes look incredibly fashionable. They came in your standard black, brown, and natural colors amongst a few other variations. As a young man moving into better style and fashion, it’s about time you ditch your Vans and get a real piece of footwear. Wearing these gets you one step closer to the cover of Esquire.

THE STEAL – $125 for one pair by Boston Boot Co. Very reasonable considering most high quality boots are 3x that price.

Boston Boot Co on Kickstarter for $125