Bonaverde has created a machine that changes the way coffee is created and enjoyed.

Bonaverde explains that your morning coffee goes through at least 17 steps in between the beans being picked and drinking your brew. Most of these steps are the process of roasting and distribution between factories and the distributing centers. Bonaverde looks to revolutionize and minimize this process by allowing you to brew, grind and roast your coffee beans. This almost entirely eliminates the need for month old pre-roasted coffee beans from the big labels. With Bonaverde you can use raw coffee beans from any where in the world and have the ability to roast, grind, and brew your perfect cup of coffee, all at a push of a button.

In one machine you can perfect the time of roasting and manipulate the brew under any circumstances. Bonaverde’s roasting system takes 3 to 4 minutes to perfectly roast your coffee beans. With added filtering system even the dirtiest water can be brewed into great coffee.

Bonaverde is a revolutionary platform that is changing the world of coffee.


Bonaverde Coffee Machine
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