The Bluelace Project, now on Kickstarter, was inspired when the Uncle Sams at Flint and Tinder asked over 1000 retailers in the Unite States, “Why they don’t carry more domestically produced products?” Simply put, U.S. business feel that they customers don’t care where their products are made, as long as they get what they want.

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To call this bluff Flint and Tinder have launched The Bluelace Project in order to bring the outsourced manufacturing back to America and inspire those to purchase American Made.

When I hear American Made I think of the Tommy Callahan’s out there, working everyday, representing something they trust and believe in. That faith is what fuels this country of the opportunity it provides. But unfortunately for most businesses that fuel is running out, and the fire is flickering more and more everyday.

For an honest working American like myself, I take pride in that “Made In USA” label. Those three words represent hard work, diligence, and above all the American Dream. For most American manufacturers, times are tough. They battle the outsourcing to China, Mexico, and many other countries that don’t deserve our money. Its time we support the American manufacturing companies who are fighting an invisible war.

THE BLUELACE PROJECT CrowdDistrict Flint and Tinder Kickstarter

The Bluelace itself was created by one of America’s last shoelace manufacturers. It is the strongest shoelace yet, and represents breaking the cycle of outsourcing, off shoring, and low quality goods.

The Bluelace Project symbolizes the daily 1,276 Americans who have lost their manufacturing jobs since 2000. It symbolizes the power we have to bring our economy back to where it once was by giving thousands of jobs back to the people of America.

Support America and lace up with The Bluelace Project.

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