Bedjet is a fan that inserts under the covers of your bed and can either heat or cool your your entire bed in just 180 seconds.

bedjet rapid heating and heating kickstarter 2 The product idea is that the unit stores under your bed, and a tube feeds up either hot or cold air directly between your top and bottom sheets. The tube is easily anchored to your mattress so that you don’t knock the tube out during your sleep. To top things off, the unit comes with a remote or a downloadable smartphone app to easily control the Bedjet without having to get up.

How many times have you been woken up in the night either covered in sweat or shivering cold? And after you wake up and shuffle around your room, you either open windows to cool down or grab an extra blanket to warm up. The Bedjet sounds like an incredibly convenient solution to help you sleep better and more comfortably.

The Bedjet team has put together a solid Kickstarter campaign, which has already surpassed their $38,000 goal and still has 10 days to go before it’s over.

THE STEAL: The Bedjet comes with a $249 price tag

I have personally never seen a Kickstarter project with a team more professionally capable of handling the launch of a product before. The team of engineers behind Bedjet has a combined 60 years of engineering industry experience.

The team at Bedjet is based out of Boston, and is headed by founder, Mark Aramli. Mark has a long list of experience bringing environmentally friendly energy and thermal projects to the world, ranging from projects with BMW to projects with the US Army and Marines. You can check out Mark’s full story by checking out his full bio on the Bedjet Kickstarter page.

bedjet rapid heating and heating kickstarter 3The rest of the team is compromised by Scott Milligan, and their industrial engineer, Shaun K. Scott is also a mechanical engineer, and has designed and released into manufacturing new medical device products that include ventilators, blowers, and speciality valves. Shaun his own product development and manufacturing services business, CAD Models.

After viewing their website, I can tell that these guys are looking to the future. They have a well put together and informative website that looks ready to handle their product’s life after Kickstarter.

I only have two problems with their Kickstarter campaign.

The first is that they offered a $169 super duper early bird special for their first 15 backers, but then jumped to a $249 regular early bird special. That’s a petty large gap in price between the 15th and the 16th backer.

The way I see it, the first 15 people to see their campaign are going to be friends, people they know, or other people close to their network. I get the incentive idea to have people buy in early to generate some interest on Kickstarter, and have people outside their network want to buy in to their project knowing that others have pledged already, but I find that unfair to the majority of people that will be backing their project.

The second problem I found was that they don’t have a media kit for, or at least one that is easy to find.

Besides these two snags, I think they’ve put together a great Kickstarter campaign.

Like I mentioned earlier, their project has already passed their original goal. They have rolled out stretch goals for things like color choice options and a smart phone remote control app.

THE STEAL – $249 for the early bird special

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