Airtame is a wireless HDMI dongle that can plug into any TV, Projector, or Monitor. Airtame is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux and allows you to duplicate or multiply your computer screen on any platform you use.

As we are moving into the new age of technology A/V and VGA components are becoming obsolete. With recent computer monitor, TV, and projector models you’re lucky to find one that has these components. HDMI is proven to hold better quality picture and sound with connected devices. In order to keep with the times you’re going to need an HDMI adaptor or upgrade to a new machine. Why not eliminate the need for a serious upgrade and invest an all-in-one wireless package.

For those who are adapting to this new digital age, we often find that streaming movies, showing presentations, or having a second work monitor often requires multiple cables and connections to fit your computer. As of now not all laptops come with HDMI outputs, which causes the need for extra accessories and adaptors.

Airtame eliminates the need for HDMI inputs or adapters by transmitting your computer’s screen to any visual monitor wirelessly through its very own air play application. Simply plug in your Airtame device, download the application on your computer and connect to your device. It’s easy, fast and will have you streaming your favorite pirated movie in seconds.

Airtame’s functionality allows you to duplicate your screen, extend your desktop workspace, or for absolute presentation wizardry, show your content on multiple displays and devices at the same time. In comparison to Google’s Chromecast, users are only allowed to duplicate their screen, removing the desire of multitasking. Also the Airtame software has ability to share you computer screen wirelessly on other screens in your area. You now have the ability to extend your work reports, marketing presentations, or class lessons to every person in the room in real time.

If you’re not sold, think about the next time you want to set up Netflix in your living room, and visualize the unnecessary effort of leaving your computer in distance of the HDMI cable. Now imagine sitting comfortably on your couch, computer on your lap, and being able to creep on Facebook and watch the new House of Cards episode all at the same time.

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