About Us (as in You, Nick and I)

In the fall of 2012, I [Andrew]was hired at a growing tech startup that focused on building apps to teach kids English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Before I was officially hired, my audition was to run a Kickstarter campaign for them to raise money for the remaining development of the project.

I had no idea what crowdfunding was at this point, but with a lot of research and hard work, we raised 102% of our goal and went on to launch 5 iOS applications with great success.

It was at this point that I fell in love with crowdfunding. Crowdfunding was a place where anyone could take their idea and become an entrepreneur. Also, while crowdfunding had been around since 2007, it had really just started to go mainstream. Seeing a completely new industry develop in front of me, that was disrupting the way people raised money, was fascinating.

At about this same time, Nick had been working at an internet marketing firm where he would learn a ton of different skills that would make him a pretty good person to talk to about SEO. He would work here for another year and a half honing his skills and developing a strong understanding of the relationship between content and the web.

It was at this time I reached out to Nick and talked to him about crowdfunding. We soon both became avid supporters of crowdfunding and have since supported/backed over 30 projects.

We decided to create a site to help project creators get more visibility and help serial backers find amazing new projects. We felt there needed to be a premium news site that featured great projects across all platforms.

There were more and more projects being funded that were more than newsworthy. And with equity crowdfunding on the horizon, there was more than enough information scattered across the web to warrant a central news site.

After  a year and a half in crowdfunding, followed by six months of hard work, research, and development, we created CrowdDistrict to be that premium news source on crowdfunding projects, advice, and industry news.

*We do not take payments for the articles on projects on this site. All articles are written free of charge.

About You

Why am I including you in here? Well this site is for you. The serial backers, project creators, and general crowdfunding enthusiasts.

We really believe in crowdfunding and know it will only continue to become more powerful and create amazing projects. We also believe that the people who are support crowdfunding projects are some of the most generous people around. The fact that they will give you their hard earned money so you can have the opportunity to create something for society is pretty amazing.

Together, we will grow an amazing community and provide you some of the best crowdfunding related content on the web.

What is CrowdDistrict? 

CrowdDistrict is a full media platform dedicated to representing the world of crowdfunding. CrowdDistrict provides residents with news about unique and innovative crowdfunding projects. We cover a wide range of genres including fashion, design, technology, humanitarian, food, and various forms of art. We try to help convey to our readers why showcased projects are so special and how they can support them. CrowdDistrict is written with the intent to engage our readers and help give projects better exposure to a great community.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is an open source financing platform for small businesses, ventures, and ideas. Crowdfunding is used in support of a wide range of activities, including entertainment, technology, disaster relief, art, citizen relief, and even fashion. The variety of projects crowdfunding has to offer are funded completely by small contributions or donations from people like you. Crowdfunding is free, open to anyone and allows people from around the world to fulfill their dreams.

How do you fund a project?

Each crowdfunding platform is different. There are a wide range of platforms serving just about every niche you can think of. Some of the most popular platforms are Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowdfunder, and GoFundMe. Each platform carries a different following and upheels a different culture. Its free to sign up on almost any platform, so you have nothing to lose.

Why CrowdDistrict?

Just about 50% of all projects are unsuccessful and do not receive funding. Thats hundreds of thousands of projects each day, each month, each year being rejected. Thats hundreds of thousands of people having their dream come to a screeching hault. What we’ve found here at CrowdDistrict is the answer to this issue. “Crowdfunders simply haven’t heard of YOUR project.” Here at CrowdDistrict we look to establish a culture for crowdfunding and create a community of engagement for both crowdfunders and projects, by providing users with quality and interesting projects everyday from across all platforms.

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Nick Warner

 Co-Founder | Nick Warner

Proud supporter of crowdfunding and avid internet surfer. My goal to give those a voice who cannot be heard. CrowdDistrict is my way of helping others fulfill their dreams. I love craft beer and tormenting my partner Andrew Little. Please drop me a line via Twitter or Google +.

Andrew Little




Co-Founder | Andrew Little

After successfully funding a project in November of 2012, I fell in love with crowdfunding. My goal is help feature great projects and encourage a stronger community behind crowdfunding. If I am not writing for CrowdDistrict, I am enjoying a cold beer in Pacific Beach, California. Feel free to reach out to me via Twitter or Google +.