A Better Backpack: Sustainable Design for a sustainable future on Kickstarter is currently on their way to smashing their goal. One of the early projects out of Canada, this backpack is rocking the environment friendly vibe with a product confidence that reminds me a lot of the 10 year hoodie. The project manager, Daniel Eckler, is claiming that it is a premium backpack ‘Built to last a lifetime.’

While the project promises a great deal, it also gets an A+ for design. Some might look at the backpack and see it’s a bit plain, but so were Jansport backpacks when I was a kid. If you didn’t have a Jansport backpack, you were probably a nerd with a rollie backpack (Backpack with wheels).

Daniel also brings a great deal of credibility to the table as the founder of Piccsy.com, a site dedicated to sharing beautiful photos with friends. Best part of all, you can support an environment friendly cause, his project, and get yourself an exclusive backpack for $39 CAD which comes to about $37 in USD.

THE STEAL – $39 CAD ($37 USD) for a eco friendly, fashionable backpack that is built to last a life time.

A Better Backpack: Sustainable Design - Life Cycle Design