3rd Nut, Gear for the fearless by Dave Trujillo is hilarious. Before you read any further, you have to watch his entire video on Indiegogo. I usually don’t condone videos over 2 minutes long, but this 3 minute video below is straight gold. One of the better videos I have seen since the Double Fine video.

3rd Nut is lifestyle brand and attitude that we all need in our daily lives. Dave Trujillo is working to create a brand around doing the things in life that your afraid of. While his main focus in in extreme sports, such as skydiving and big wave surfing, wearing his brand can help motivate you to do accomplish the things in your life that sometimes, require a 3rd Nut.

Imagine yourself at the gym at the tail end of your work out and you catch yourself in the mirror and remember your rocking a 3rd Nut tee. A quick smirk and burst of motivation. Sack up ladies.

THE STEAL – $25 for an Original 3rd Nut t-shirt.