Using 3D image and printing software, Khora Image gives users the ability to have their favorite photos as pieces of 3D art. Simply upload your favorite photo, and Khora’s software allows you to edit how your photo will be created.

After uploaded, the process automatically creates a layout for Khora’s CNC machine, allowing you to pick the size and color of your work. Pick between 3 different sizes; small medium and large.Khora Image Wall Picture Fabrication CrowdDistrict _2

Khora has been using this fabrication process for hotels, offices, resorts, lobbies and galleries. The team is a group of designers with a tremendous amount of experience in the field of fabrication. Support for this project will go to hired individuals to work out the backend system of Khora’s automated process and to purchase a new cutting machine specialized for small parts and higher tolerances. This system will allow consumers from all over the world to upload their photos, select their design, and have their art in the fast time possible.

The Process

1) Select your image and uploaded it to Khora’s image software

2) Edit your image to fit the picture plane and color of your surface

3) The image is then sent to the Khora offices where it will be fabricated using CNC

4) Your image is shipped

5) Hanging on your wall is a beautiful new rendition of your favorite photo.

THE STEAL – $79 and you will receive your own custom Khora Image

Khora Image Wall Picture Fabrication CrowdDistrict
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