THE STEAL – 34$ for 1 SilverAir Anti-Odor Athletic T-Shirt.

A project like this does not come around very often so I’ll give you the 5 reasons why you need this shirt by Y Athletics.

  1. It’s an anti-odor athletic shirt. Means you can talk to the cute girl at the gym and not smell like a giant used diaper.
  2. It’s lined with silver, which fights the bacteria causing odor. Science be praised.
  3. They set a maximum amount of t-shirts to be pre ordered, to ensure on time delivery.
  4. The maximum means they are going to sell out! Only 324 left at $34 (over 1K bought at that price).
  5. They are 37% off expected retail price.

If you would like to read my full review of the SilverAir, please click here. Otherwise, get one before it sells out!